Birthday wishes from outer space

A short story by Jason S. Sullivan, 11-06-19

“We’re coming to you live from an undisclosed location in Tarrant County. There have been reports of an accident or some type of crash. Eyewitnesses claim to have heard a loud noise and then an unidentified flying object leaving from this area. Channel 6 News is the first news outlet on the scene. As you can see from the activity behind us, there seems to be a fair amount of police presence. There’s a big tarp over the side of a house blocking our –“

“Sir, please keep this area clear.”

“What? Fine! As you can see, local law enforcement is forcing us to stay out of this area. We don’t have very many details yet but stay tuned. We will bring you more details as soon as they are available…OK! OK! We’re moving out. This is Dave Clawsen reporting live for Channel 6 News.”


It was a summer night like any other in middle-class suburbia. Hot as hell and muggy, even after the sun morphed into the moon. A stillness hung in the air, blanketing the small neighborhood like a thin fog.

I thought I dreamt the whole thing. It felt like it was straight out of an episode of The Twilight Zone or X-Files. I didn’t dream it, though. It happened, and it wasn’t a TV show. It was the damnedest thing.

I didn’t believe in UFOs or aliens until that night. Now, I’m a believer.

I was at my parent’s house. The house where I grew up. It was my dad’s birthday. A few close friends and family members gathered for cake and ice cream to help the big guy celebrate. The party started to dwindle down. Most everyone else had left, and I was about to leave soon, too.

Crash!! We looked at each other, not knowing what in the world would have made such a noise. It sounded like a car crashing into the house, but it came from the backyard. 

We ran outside to the backyard, unsure of what we would find. That’s when we saw it. We stopped dead in our tracks. Our legs jelly, our mouths agape, and shallow breaths choking our throats. It couldn’t be, but it sure looked like a spacecraft or some type of UFO. It was unworldly. Whatever it was, it crashed into the side of our house. We would soon find out who they were and why they were here.

The hatch of the spacecraft started to open. The sound of whirring machinery hissed and moaned into the nighttime air. Imagine our shock when three aliens appeared from within the spacecraft. They paused, like celebrities posing for the paparazzi, before they disembarked. They looked exactly like you’d expect. Green, short in stature, somewhat amorphous, bald, and dark, almond-shaped eyes. I hate to perpetuate stereotypes – or expose the truth – but I swear that’s what they looked like.

They didn’t speak. Instead, they found a way to subliminally communicate their message. The aliens were returning to their home. The aliens used to live here. They buried some of their family on the land where our house was built. 

(Aren’t we lucky? Our house is built on an ancient graveyard for aliens. Yes, there may be a FOR SALE sign in our front yard soon.)

Once they saw we were having a party, they helped themselves to cake and ice cream before we could stop them. How could we stop them anyway, even if we wanted to? They ate heartily. One of the aliens started to get a little woozy. The sugar went straight to his head, I suppose.  The others steadied him and then seemed to engage in some kind of playful ribbing and mockery. So weird!

We watched the scene unfold with sheer amazement. I caught my dad’s face out of the corner of my eye. He didn’t seem concerned. In fact, he looked proud and nostalgic.

The three aliens soon waved good-bye and then started to board the spacecraft. 

The spacecraft rose and climbed in altitude. It then zoomed across the dark sky in silence as it traveled through the stars.

I have a strange feeling they will be back. Why would the aliens show up on dad’s birthday? They literally crashed the party. It’s as if they knew what day it was and what we were doing. 

Does that mean…? I looked over at my dad again. My gaze fell into his. His eyes were darker and more almond-shaped than I remembered. A mischievous smile crept to his lips as he looked wistfully towards the nighttime sky.

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