Haunted House

The footsteps in the attic are just a mouse
You’re all alone in this great big house
That wasn’t a breath upon your neck
Or maybe it was – you’d better check!

You didn’t hear the floorboards creak
The locked door didn’t give a squeak
It was the wind blowing in the trees
Whispering your name in the breeze

You’d better sleep with the lights on tonight
Someone might be in there, waiting to fright
Pay no attention to the black cat’s meow
Or the little beads of sweat upon your brow

There wasn’t a ghost floating down the hall
You didn’t hear a tapping from inside the wall
It’s your thoughts running through your head
Be sure you check twice under the bed!

No one is standing right behind you
Watching every little thing that you do
They won’t be there if you turn to see
Were you really alone last night at 9:53?

“There’s no such thing as a ghost”
You bravely say aloud and boast
“Don’t worry, you’re having a dream”
Says a quiet voice…as you scream!

A poem by Jason S. Sullivan, 10-31-19

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