A broken man

Thirty-six years on this Earth
Feeling less than my worth
Rotting away in a job I hate
Wondering what will be my fate

A broken man, victim of my choices
Hearing screams instead of voices
Unable to crawl out of my shell
Living and dying in a private hell

Numb, cynical, and jaded
A bright mind that faded
Searching for truth within the lies
So I can believe it with my eyes

A broken man, but still with a breath
I’m not done yet or near my death
I’ll continue to find a way and fight
Persevere through the day and night

Is this a valley? Or is this the peak?
Am I strong? Or am I weak?
Keep moving forward to find out
Fight the fight and remove the doubt.

A poem, by Jason S. Sullivan, 10-01-19

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