Fading star

Don’t count losses, only count the wins
It’s all a disguise of redemption and sins
I didn’t need the fortune or fame
I took it anyway and live with the shame

I always wondered what it all meant
And if my faith ever made a dent
I never knew exactly what to feel
And couldn’t tell what was fake or real

I never learned from my mistakes
I foolishly raised the risky stakes
I’d play for blood, like a simple fool
And then be used again like a tool

Here I am – broken, dying, and alone
Living in despair from the ignorance I shown
I destroyed my life with the choices I made
My star once bright but it’s starting to fade

The sun sets and the shadows burn
I try and move on, but the page won’t turn
The chains of death won’t be broken
Until a word truth has been spoken.

A poem | by Jason S. Sullivan, 09-30-19

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