My Journey as a Writer – blog (part 9)

My Journey as a Writer documents my journey as I rediscover my love of writing, and push forward into a new career path. Watch for new posts on Mondays and Thursdays.

Part 9 includes – 

  • Why do I want to blog?
  • Why on my own website?

Why do I want to blog?

Back in my 1st blog post, I discussed why I wanted to blog. The most prominent reason was that I wanted something to get me in the habit of writing and publishing content regularly. But, I could do that or something similar on practically any social media site. So, why on my own website?

Why on my own website?

Think of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn – and how many millions of users they each have. There are tons and tons of content posted to social media every day. It all gets dumped into a pile of obscurity. 

When people post something on social media, it’s often a couple of sentences and usually self-fulfilling. And, that’s if it’s something original or meaningful. It’s often junk or reposting someone else’s junk. [In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not a fan of social media.]

The content on a blog is different. It’s often more personal and unique. It feels more intimate to me. I feel like I’m talking to a small group of friends instead of the entire Internet.

Facebook reminds me of NASCAR. It’s loud, it’s fast, you’re driving around in circles, there are ads everywhere, everyone is trying to win a race, it’s a spectator sport, and it’s only interesting when someone wrecks. Or hell, maybe I’m just doing it wrong.

I share my writing on my website. My goal was to become a published writer. Because of my website, I’m doing just that. I am a published writer. I have my own website, domain name, and post original content that I write myself. My website helps me finish writing projects and encourages me to write more. Do I get thousands of hits a month on my website? Not even close. That might be important to me someday. Right now, it’s more important to me that this website exists.

It takes arrogance to start your own blog or website. I like that. It’s arrogant because you think people will spend less time on other social meeting and visit your place. At the same time, I’m not arrogant in my writing. I don’t think I’m a better writer than anyone. I still have a lot to learn. My only competition is the writer I was yesterday, and I think that’s a healthy way to look at it.

I write for me. I blog for me. I do it because I enjoy it and it enriches my life. If other people read it and get something out of it, then I can live with that.

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