Together as one

I felt the weight of the test
As I started on my quest
I knew you’d come back
My faith didn’t waver or lack

I feel your voice in my ears
As it starts to erase my fears
This day, unlike ones from my past
The fleeting moments that won’t last

In my thoughts I find myself
Ignoring empty trophies on a shelf
A new beginning soars through my eyes
A chance to right the truthful lies

It wasn’t supposed to end like this
The hope gone and unable to miss
I often ask myself – “Why me?”
“Was I too blind to see?”

I did it all hidden behind a mask
Removing it should be a simple task
My hands tremble as I pull at the string
Wondering what all it seems to mean

The confusion blocks out my head
It didn’t matter the words you said
A worried sigh of content
Quickly here and it went

I close my eyes and drift away
The pain knows where to prey
Another trip to escape the cold
Search deep for the hidden gold

Not again
Tempting sin
Feeling weak
Unable to speak

I hear your voice in the empty walls
What happened to your calls?
You used to check on my soul
Now the bells no longer toll

Unable to comprehend
Why this can’t mend
I turn away from the void
And the teasing and toyed

A new feeling of vitality emerges
Removing the self-righteous urges
My heart beats through my chest
Alive at once, awake from my nest

The change all happened so fast
No longer a prison of the past
Finally able to let it all go
And get on with the show

As I start on this new trek
Keep my thoughts in check
Step forward in the unknown
Feeling cold, unsure, and alone

I almost quit before I start
It isn’t in my head or heart
I can’t continue without your love
I don’t know what I’m made of

I know not why I’m here
Paralyzed by doubt and fear
The change in me isn’t ready to bare
As I choke on shallow breaths of air

I tell myself it’s only a phase
Even the feral animal must graze
You’re never alone if you trust
A soul must advance or it will rust

The stars in the sky light my path
A north star, far away, but in my grasp
“One step at a time, one day, and the next”
Says the old book with the foreign text

Unworldly, distant, sublime, surreal
Blurs the line of what I know and feel
The depths of my desire cannot be seen
I live and breathe as a human-being

We’re all in this together as one
An endless race that is never done
Believe in me, give me another shot
I learned what is and what is not

In unison we stride
In you I confide
I feel your heart and know it’s you
The fear subsides into a new view.

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