A dream of a canoe

In my dream last night
I found myself in a canoe
Everything seemed alright
But I didn’t know what I knew

The canoe was in the water
And I was fast asleep
I floated out even farther
Into the water so deep

A strange lizard cloud in the sky
It was a sight that took away my breath
I didn’t realize I was about to die – 
“A dream of a canoe is a dream of death.”

A poem | by Jason S. Sullivan, 08-30-19

Based on the short story “Puowaina” by Alan Brennert. “Puowaina” appears in Twilight Zone – 19 Original Stories on the 50th Anniversary, edited by Carol Serling.

In his story, Mr. Brennert explains that the appearance of a lizard, or a mo’o, is thought to be an ill omen in Hawaiian lore. Hawaiians also believe that dreaming of a canoe can represent death.

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