The sins of us

Crucify this young soul when I reach my demise
I was always a sinner in your cold, judging eyes
You act so much different when no one is around
Kneel in prayer and your knees scrape the ground

I reached out to you, as a Priest, as a brother
Your eyes told me the same story as the others
Without any words, you labeled me a lost soul
Our thoughts and actions must now pay the toll

You gave up on me when I needed you the most
I became empty and distant as an aimless ghost
It’s now up to me to save you from this hell
With the lies and secrets you’ve hidden so well

Salvation for us isn’t on the horizon
All we can do now is hope to enlighten
The two of us sit at the mercy of fate
Will we be able to open Heaven’s Gate?

A poem | by Jason S. Sullivan, 08-28-19

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