The disguise I wore

Lock the door and bury the key
It’s all too much for me to see
The outside world is far too cold
We all search for the same gold

On a night like this it’s all so real
What to dream, think, and feel
I hear footsteps outside my door
I wonder why there aren’t more

Pull the curtains back to take a peek
What treasures are there to seek
It’s dark inside, but I see the light
Of the fading promises held so tight

Silent words that have no ears
What happened to all the years
We live in the reality we create
Tortured souls live and die in fate

Watch the house go up in flames
Burn the memories and all the names
It was the only way to unlock the door
And free me from the disguise I wore.

A poem | by Jason S. Sullivan, 08-24-19

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