My life of crime

Never wanted to walk a straight line
Bored with this empty life of mine
Decided to shake it up and give it hell
Here is the story I choose to tell
None of this was part of my plan
But, robbed a bank and shot a man
Jumped in my car and threw it in gear
Just had to get the hell out of here
Drove fast and hard to make my escape
Felt like Superman but without a cape
Ninety miles an hour was the only speed
Addiction is a monster you have to feed
Lit up a smoke and stepped on the gas
Knew the law would be chasing my ass
Drove reckless without any care
Hoped people would stop and stare
Hurtled through red lights and stop signs
Couldn’t keep the car within the lines
Pulled out a bottle and took a drink
Didn’t even stop to pause and think
Drove through the streets of the city
Didn’t feel guilty – isn’t that shitty?
Did it all for the notoriety and thrill
If you’re in my way I’ll shoot to kill
As I heard the sirens from the police car
“Come on, let’s do this! I’ve come this far!”
They began their pursuit and gave chase
Should have seen the look on their face
They knew this one would be a test
Hope they wore a bulletproof vest
Going out in a blaze of glory
It would make one hell of a story
Not ready to end the fight
Drove on through the night
Let off the gas to give them a chance
Gotta lead when you ask ’em to dance
The police caught up and thought they won
I laughed and waved – “I’m not done!”
I taunted them to chase some more
Life’s a game and I’m keeping score
I revved my engine to flex some muscle
Make ’em sweat and make ’em hustle
Let’s give ’em the show they want to see
Live on Facebook, Twitter, and news TV
The media will make me out to be crazy
They’re not even trying, just being lazy
They can’t even get the facts right
They tell the same lies every single night
Here’s where their story gets funny
I didn’t rob the bank for money
I did all for my 15 minutes of fame
It was nothing to me but a silly game
I’ve got more bad news for the story
I live by the motto – no guts, no glory
I ain’t going to a court or jail cell
I’m dying in the street and going to hell
Fine, I’ll put my rant to bed
It’s probably all in my head
Besides, there’s more cops filling the road
How many does it take to carry the load?
These cops are chasing their tail!
How can they continue to fail?
They’d better hurry and catch me soon
We’re losing the light from the moon
Earn that pay raise the city gave you
“Protect and Serve” – is that really true?
I’m not giving up, you’ve got to catch me
Come on, dammit, how hard can it be?
Let’s end this ordeal with a crash
I’m done with it and all the trash
All of this is just a waste of time
Making a living with a life of crime
Slammed the brakes, skidded to a stop
Rammed my car into another poor cop
“Put your hands up!” I yelled to his ears
He obeyed, to the sounds of my cheers
I fired a warning shot at his car
This time I took it a little too far
His partner fired a shot at my head
Got what I deserved and wound up dead.

A poem | by Jason S. Sullivan, 08-06-19

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