Ghosts of my past

The ghosts of my past are in my head
I’m still alive but the ghosts are dead
I can’t recall how I made it this far
But as you know – we are who we are
I thought I beat the ghosts years ago
They were dead, I just knew it to be so
But what made these ghosts reappear
And how do I get them out of here?
I can’t make the ghosts go away and leave
They’re part of me and the story I weave
Instead I try burying them in my mind
With the other memories I choose to find
We all have ghosts that just won’t stop
Keep what you have and don’t ask to swap
The ghosts you have, they’re yours to mold
So tell them the story they want to be told.

A poem | by Jason S. Sullivan, 07-31-19

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