The Fighter

His mind ached for answers he’s unable to seek
His body once strong, but now tired and weak
He gathered himself to prepare for one final bout
He had to win this one and remove all doubt

He dropped to his knees and thanked God for the grit
His persistence to fight and strength not to quit
Now it was time to face his biggest fears
And give up the life he’s had all these years

The fighter stood up, now proud and sure
Fighting the disease, winning the cure
His country’s anthem played through his head
He’d rather be alive than pretend to be dead

His country’s flag draped over his skin
His mind clear from confessing his sin
His family name inked across his chest
He felt the weight from fighting the best

Focus and determination were in his eyes
He kept his heart and soul upon the prize
He studied his opponent, knew every move
He had little to gain, but everything to prove

Tonight’s fight – his last, the end
Only one more title left to defend
He looked in the mirror, took a deep breath
Ready to give it his all and fight to the death

His father was a fighter, too, until he died
He nodded his head and smiled with pride
His father’s last words still cut like a knife
“Give it all that you’ve got, give it your life!”

A poem | by Jason S. Sullivan, 06-20-19

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